Gentlemen, It’s time to treat yourselves with bespoke suits

To some extent you are what you wear. Every bespoke suit reveals itself and speaks for you. Wherever you go, you will find yourself distinguished from others in a bespoke suit because it has been customized according to your desire. Your life quality and good taste will be conveyed through your bespoke suits to people. A bespoke suit have such kind of magic that makes you confident and attractive.

  1. What’s in it for you?

We all have this feeling: sometimes it is just really hard for you to find a suit of ideal size. There is no need to compromise by buying less fit clothes. Conversely, what you can do is abandon those unfit ready-to-wear suits and satisfy yourself with a bespoke suit, which is produced according to your body shape and always offers you the most comfortable experience. With a bespoke suit, there will be no standard size but your size.


  1. When to wear it?

there will be occasions when you need participate in some formal social events. It could be a wedding, a ceremony, an interview or a formal garden party. As a gentleman, a bespoke suit is definitely the best choice for you to show respect for others and more importantly, to identify your ethos.


  1. How is it produced?

Unlike clothes that come from mass production, your bespoke suit will be hand-made by tailors on the basis of your measurements and requirements. It is reasonable that long seams need to be sewn by machine in order to make an accurate and clean finish but in terms of fabrics, canvas and details like lapels, armholes, buttonholes, it’s up to you and tailors. Your idea, along with your fitter’s advice, will all be delivered to tailors to ensure the suit can meet your request.




  1. Where to get it?

When you decide to buy a bespoke suit, just go into store and fitters will measure your size with tape measures to make sure that all your measurements are precise. Some finished suits are displayed in the store for customers to choose. If you like one, a shop assistant would help you to try it on. If you prefer to a made-to-measure one, you can discuss with your designer to create a drawing and change the style until you consider it perfect.


You are supposed to be the one to decide size, fabrics and details of your own suit because you deserve the best quality. No matter what body shape you have, you can always find a bespoke suit that is specially tailored for you.


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