Colourful Suits for 12 Zodiacal Constellations

Characteristics of 12 zodiacal constellations differ from person to person. This article will introduce 12 types of suits that fit zodiac signs according to colours.


People of Aquarius are usually independent and also could be aloof. In most cases, they are good at fixing problems and love helping others. This kind of personality feels like light blue because they can be helpful and make their friends’ life easier.

Figure 1                                                     Figure 2


Pisces represents the characteristic of being  artistic, fearful and evasive. Purple is proper to describe people of Pisces who are featured by multiple emotions and strong empathy. They are inclined to act as deep thinkers and can be quite sensitive.

Figure 1                                                     Figure 2


This is, personally, my favourite zodiac sign because my best friend is born under Aries. Aries-born people are often enthusiastic but occasionally aggressive. this kind of friends are just like fire that will make you feel warm, and possibly, make you burned.

Figure 1                                                       Figure 2


Taurus is the symbol of reliability and patience. They enjoy stable state of life and scarcely chase uncertainty. As a result, they may be a little stubborn when they are focused. Green fits in the peaceful part of their characteristics. 

Figure 1                                                     Figure 2


Gemini means two different personalities in one person. They can be both affectionate and severe, adaptable and inconsistent. Gemini is yellow because this colour is usually bright and warm but disturbing as well when overused.

Figure 1                                                     Figure 2


I know it best because I’m born under the sign of Cancer. We are always simple, emotional and sympathetic. Pessimism and sense of insecurity  are quite common among Cancers but these also make us humanitarian.The Cancer is like white that can be painted and affected easily.

Figure 1                                                      Figure 2


Leo includes people who are confident and generous. They are naturally be considered as leaders or bosses. The air of high grade makes gold their representative colour.

Figure 1                                                       Figure 2


Virgo always pays attention to the smallest details and can be really careful and critical. They are hardworking to purchase perfectionism. Grey conveys an impression of profession and rigour, just like Virgo.

Figure 1                                                       Figure 2


Those born under the sign of Libra enjoy cooperating with a group and value justice. People of Libra are always mild like pink and trying to get along well with others.  They make an effort to avoid conflicts and keep the peace time as long as possible.

Figure 1                                                      Figure 2


The personality of Scorpio combines assertiveness with jealousy, like scarlet, which makes them slightly mysterious and not very easy-going. However, they can be really loyal when they treat you as their true friend.

Figure 1                                                       Figure 2


Sagittarius is fascinated by freedom and this makes them idealistic and extrovert. It takes no time to be friends with Sagittarius. The issue is sometimes they may give you a blank cheque and fail to conduct their commitment. They are like dark blue and you can hardly figure out what they are actually thinking.

Figure 1                                                      Figure 2


Capricorns have strong sense of discipline and self-control. They like to be punctual and responsible. Conducting tasks in the same team with Capricorns can be especially tiring if you are less serious or diligent than them. Their characteristics of preparing for the worst are similar to dark and  will probably reduce fun and ease.

Figure 1                                                      Figure 2